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iMatter Programs

The iMatter Foundation is active in partnering with communities, businesses, academic institutions and religious organizations all with the same mission in mind: to eradicate suicide and self-harm and promote a culture of hope and life.
iMatter Festival

The iMatter Festival is free concert hosted by the iMatter Foundation promoting life, hope and value to our communities. It's message is simple: every life matters. 

iMatter House

The iMatter House launched in 2016 as a safe place for teens and young adults to live. The house promotes accountability and wellness to see its members live healthy and whole. In the coming year, iMatter is seeking purchase a second iMatter House

School Assemblies

The iMatter Foundation remains available for school assemblies addressing topics such as mental health awareness, bullying, and suicide and self-harm prevention.

Leadership Training Program
iMatter Community Banquet
iMatter Senior Care

The iMatter Leadership Training program is designed to enhance the environment of businesses to one of passion, identity and productivity through promoting a culture of honor, acknowledgement and promotion.

The annual iMatter Community Banquet gathers regional leaders and shapers dedicated to the health and wellness of our community. By uniting together, we believe we can eradicate suicide and self-harm.

The iMatter Senior Care program offers assistance to seniors who have the added expense of protective undergarments. For more information please contact Andrew & Joanne Foster at

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